Changes in Non Living Things (Primary 4)

    BASIC SCIENCE BASIC SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY FIRST TERM  WEEK 4 PRIMARY 4 THEME – CHANGES AROUND US  PREVIOUS LESSON – Changes in Animals and Life Cycle of Animals (Primary 4) TOPIC – NON LIVING THINGS  LEARNING AREA 1. Introductory Activities 2. Practical Activities 3. Kinds of Changes in Non Living Things   PERFORMANCE OBJECTIVES 

Primary 5 Contents Link

    First Term, Second Term and Third Term Scheme of Work with Plan Lesson Notes  Primary 5 Each coloured texts (BLUE and RED) contain a link to various all terms and available Plan Lesson Notes.    Click the Coloured Subjects      ENGLISH STUDIES   1. Speech Work   2. Reading and Writing  

Current Economics Plans – MDG’s, NEEDS, VISION 2020 (SS 3)

    ECONOMICS  SENIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL (SS 3) THEME – APPLIED ECONOMICS AND CONTEMPORARY ECONOMIC ORGANISATIONS PREVIOUS LESSON – TOPIC – CURRENT ECONOMICS PLANS  LEARNING AREA 1. MDGS 2. NEEDS 3. VISION 2020   PERFORMANCE OBJECTIVES  By the end of the lesson, the pupils should have attained the following objectives (cognitive, affective and psychomotor) and

Home Economics (Primary 1)

    First Term, Second Term and Third Term Scheme of Work and Plan Lesson Note Primary 1  Home Economics   THEME – FOOD AND NUTRITION Introduction – Foods are solid or liquid substances that gives essential nutrients to the body, prevent disease and promotes good health. These lessons will help the pupils to understand