First Term Examination Agriculture Basic 5



PUPIL’S NAME: _________________________________________________________



INSTRUCTION – Answer all questions  


1. ___________________ are animal that can swallow food and bring it back to the mouth.

[a] militant

[b] important

[c] ruminant

2. There are ___________________ processes of soil formation.

[a] 3

[b] 5

[c] 6

3. Life stocks are ___________________ animals.

[a] farm

[b] forest

[c] water

4. Which of these is planted at the beginning of the rainy season?

[a] yam

[b] bananas

[c] palm nut

5. Which of these is an example of monocots?

[a] maize

[b] beans

[c] grass

6. Dicotyledon plants has ___________________.

[a] two cotyledon

[b] one cotyledon

[c] three cotyledon

7. ___________________ is a fruit crop.

[a] Yam

[b] Cassava

[c] Banana

8. An example of cloth making crop is ___________________.

[a] maize

[b] cotton

[c] okro

9. Legumes are ___________________.

[a] protein rich grains

[b] vitamin rich games

[c] sugar rich games

10. Dicotyledonous plants pollinate by ___________________.

[a] wind

[b] insects & birds

[c] animals

11. The uppermost part of the earth where plant grow is ___________________.

[a] soil

[b] salt

[c] sink

12. Which of these make soil formation possible?

[a] lighting

[b] weathering

[c] singing

13. ___________________ till the soil for farmers.

[a] Ant

[b] Earthworm

[c] Cricket

14. Crop with one setting is called ___________________.

[a] Multicotledon

[b] Monocotyledon

[c] Dicotyledon 

15. ……………………….. is a type of soil.

[a] loamy

[b] milky

[c] icy


Attempt all questions. 

1. What is farm animal? ___________________________________________

b. List 4 examples of farm animal:

i. _______________________

ii. _________________________

iii. _______________________

iv. _________________________

2. Mention four classification of farm animal:

i. _______________________

ii. _________________________

iii. _______________________

iv. _________________________

3. What is soil? ________________________________________________

b. Write 4 agents of soil formation:

i. _______________________

ii. _________________________

iii. _______________________

iv. _________________________

4. Define monocot and dicot crops:

b. Write 2 examples of each dicotyledonous plants:

i. _______________________

ii. _________________________

5. Define:

i. Annuals crops ________________________________________________

ii. Biennials crops________________________________________________

iii. Perennial crops ________________________________________________

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