Second Term Examination English Studies Basic 2





Comprehension Passage

Medicines come from many sources, one such sources is herb. A herb is a plant or crop that is used as flavour or medicine. Herbal medicines come from Herbs, They are used in the treatment and prevention of diseases.

Herbal medicines are very good but some of them have bad effect on their users. Examples of the effects are vomiting, running stomach, body weakness and dizziness.


Answer True or False

1. Medicines come from only one source

2. A herb is a plant or a crop

3. Herbs cannot be used to prevent diseases

4. Herbs medicines are got from chemicals

5. List three effects of harmful herbal medicines.


Attempt all questions

1. The ball ______________ on the cup

[a] are

[b] is

[c] were

2. Olu ______________ last year.

[a] travelled

[b] travelling

[c] travel

3. ______________ is your name.

[a] Who

[b] Where

[c] What

4. My mother ______________ biscuit for me yesterday.

[a] buy

[b] buying

[c] bought

5. The knife is very ______________.

[a] bad [b] sharp [c] sweet

6. The black dog is ______________.

[a] bark

[b] barked

[c] barking

7. l am ______________ at the young man.

[a] looked

[b] looking

[c] look

8. ______________ are you looking at?

[a] whom

[b] where

[c] what

9. The woman is ______________ to the market.

[a] going [b] go [c] goes

10. l have two ______________.

[a] mangoes

[b] mangos

[c] mangoeses

11. Put all the eggs ______________ the box.

[a] on

[b] is

[c] in

12. There is a letter ______________ you.

[a] by

[b] at

[c] for

13. The birds flew ______________ the trees.

[a] below

[b] under

[c] over

14. She ______________ finish her work.

[a] hasn’t

[b] haven’t

[c] is

15. The dog ran ______________ the thief.

[a] before

[b] into

[c] after


2. Use these words in making sentences

a. Farmer

b. Friend

c. Celebrate

d. Dangerous

e. Tomatoes

3. Words and Opposite:

a. Brother ___________________

b. ___________________ Short

c. King ___________________

d. ___________________ Woman

e. Down ___________________

4. People’s occupation.

a. A ___________________ is person who drives car, vans, etc.

b. A ___________________ helps children to learn

c. A ___________________ makes the roofs of houses

d. A ___________________ trader buys and sells goods

e. A ___________________ repair vehicles

5. Study the sentences below and answer the questions that follow:

Example: You are eating now — > Yesterday you ate

a. You are travelling —- > Yesterday you ___________________

b. She is Playing —-> Last week she ___________________

c. Mother is cooking —-> Last night mother ___________________

d. Teacher is teaching —-> Yesterday teacher ___________________

6. Fill in the missing letters. 

a. H A ____ P Y

b. S C H ____ O L

c. A W ____ R D

d. B O ____ K

e. L E T ____ E R

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