Second Term Examination Literature Basic 2







Choose the correct answer from the options.

1. When was Jane born on ___________________ day.

[a] party

[b] Christmas

[c] raining

2. What is the name of Jane twin brother ?

[a] Peter

[b] Paul

[c] John

3. Who had a dream three times?

[a] John

[b] Jane

[c] Peter

4. What is the name of the person that died ___________________?

[a] Mr Brown

[b] Mrs Brown

[c] Mrs Kalu

5. How long did Aunty Kate stay with the Brown family?

[a] Two days

[b] Five days

[c] Two weeks

6. Who has not been doing well in class?

[a] Tola

[b] Jane

[c] Mary

7. What is the name of Jane’s teacher?

[a] Mrs Bola

[b] Mrs Kalu

[c] Mrs John

8. What class was Jane promoted to ___________________?

[a] primary 4

[b] primary 6

[c] primary 6

9. Who told Jane it was wrong for Jane to think about her mum everyday?

[a] Mrs Smart

[b] Mrs Kalu

[c] Mrs Coker

10. How many rooms was in Mrs brown house?

[a] Four rooms

[b] Two rooms

[c] Five rooms

11. Who used to be Jane’s best teacher in school?

[a] Mrs Smart

[b] Mrs Kalu

[c] Mrs Coker

12. Jane was more intelligent than her twin brother.

[a] John

[b] Peter

[c] James

13. Who takes the children out on Saturday?

[a] Mrs brown

[b] Mr brown

[c] Mrs smart.

14. Where was Aunty Kate living?

[a] Lagos

[b] Ogun State

[c] Portharcourt

15. Mr and Mrs Brown earn _________________ salaries.

[a] bad

[b] good

[c] nice


Attempt all questions in this section. 

1. Mention some qualities that Jane had.

2. Who was Aunty Kate and where did she live?

3. Who first noticed Jane’s level of intelligence?

4. What were Jane and her mum doing on the island?

5. What did the brown family found out the next morning?

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