Second Term Examination Christian Religious Studies Basic 1





Christian Religious Studies 

Choose the correct answer from the options

1. All these can protect us except _____________________.

[a] Angel

[b] parents

[c] devils

2. Jesus called his disciples __________________.

[a] enemy

[b] friends

[c] pastors

3. Which of these must we show to Jesus to become his good friend?

[a] Love

[b] Hatred

[c] Stealing

4. Who gave us the eyes to see?

[a] Father

[b] mother

[c] God

5. Jesus has power over all diseases and death.

[a] True

[b] False

[c] none of the above

6. The eyes are the _____________________ of the body.

[a] darkness

[b] light

[c] machine

7. God saw everything that he has made and behold it was beautiful, it can be found in Genesis _____________________.

[a] 1 : 31

[b] 2 : 32

[c] 3 : 33

8. “ Speak, Lord your servant is listening “ can be found in Samuel _____________________.

[a] 7 : 9

[b] 2 : 9

[c] 5 : 9

9. God wants us to learn the word.

[a] True

[b] False

[c] None of the above

10. God created _____________________ and _____________________ in the garden of eden.

[a] Adam & Joy

[b] Adam & eve

[c] Adam & Deborah

11. We belongs to the family of _____________________.

[a] Satan

[b] Jesus

[c] John

12. Jesus want us to _____________________ one another.

[a] hate

[b] love

[c] none

13. Jesus and _____________________ were good friends in Bible.

[a] Moses

[b] Lazarus

[c] Chukwu

14. “ Love one another “ it can be found in John _____________________.

[a] 14 : 17

[b] 15 : 17

[c] 16 : 17

15. It is good to be kind to our neighbor.

[a] True

[b] False

[c] Maybe


Attempt all questions. 

1. List _____________________ things created by God.

2. Genesis _____________________ says,“God saw everything that has made and behold it was beautiful“.

3. _____________________ died for our sin.

4. Name 4 things you can see with your eyes:

I. _____________________

II. _____________________

III. _____________________

IV. _____________________

5. Write John 15 : 17 __________________________________________


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