Second Term Examination Computer Studies Basic 1


Choose the correct answer from the options.

1. CPU can keep data, program and instruction for us.

[a] True

[b] False

[c] Maybe


2. A computer can do many Job

[a] True

[b] False

[c] Maybe


3. Computer is an electronic _________________.

[a] television

[b] machine

[c] games


4. A computer that can be operated on the lap is known as _________________.

[a] hybrid

[b] hyper

[c] laptop


5 We have computer in all these places except _________________.

[a] school

[b] bush

[c] hospital



6. How many types of computer do we have?

[a] 3

[b] 2

[c] 5


7. This an example of arithmetic operator.

[a] 1

[b] g

[c] +


8. Letters A, B, C are examples of _________________ key.

[a] alphabetical

[b] special

[c] local


9. Computer can be used to watch film.

[a] True

[b] False

[c] Maybe


10. We cannot use the computer _________________.

[a] money

[b] keyboard

[c] unit



11. K as in _________________.

[a] kite

[b] kick

[c] keyboard


12. _________________ makes our work faster.

[a] Phone

[b] Computer

[c] Typewriter


13. Computer work is always correct and accurate.

[a] Yes

[b] No

[c] Maybe


14. The keyboard is used for _________________.

[a] sleeping

[b] typing

[c] counting


15. All part of computer are very _________________.

[a] bad

[b] useful

[c] none




Attempt all questions. 

1. Write the sign for the following operators

I. Plus _________________

II. Minus _________________

III. Multiply _________________

IV. Divide _________________


2. A computer that can be operate on the lap is known as ____________________________________.


3. ____________________________________ has a triangular shape.


4. ____________________________________ is an electronic device.


5. List 4 places where computer can be used:

I. ____________________________________

II. ____________________________________

III. ____________________________________

IV. ____________________________________


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