First Term Examination Cultural and Creative Arts Basic 7 (JSS 1)





SECTION A – Answer all Questions


1. The word art refers to _______________________ language.

(a) modern

(b) universal

(c) international


2. Art serves as a means of _______________________.

(a) communication

(b) transformation

(c) dedication


3. _______________________ is one of the materials for modeling with paper marche.

(a) palp

(b) beans

(c) starch


4. Team work serves as a _______________________ ground for both the learners and teachers.

(a) fighting

(b) learning

(c) hawking


5. One can achieve as sense of belonging through _______________________.

(a) commitment

(b) quarreling

(c) disobedience



6. _______________________ has curative powers for fast healing and solution to problems.

(a) work

(b) laziness

(c) music


7. Music is used for _______________________ worship.

(a) market

(b) religious

(c) campaign


8. _______________________ of music refers to the most basic essential facts and concepts required in music.

(a) uses

(b) importance

(c) rudiment


9. The first seven letters of the alphabets are referred to as _______________________.

(a) musical stress

(b) musical alphabets

(c) musical numbers


10. The five parallel lines and four equal spaces on which the musical notes or notations are written is called _______________________.

(a) teacher

(b) pupil

(c) staff


11. _______________________ is any body movement in time and space.

(a) dance

(b) drama

(c) art


12. _______________________ dance expresses activities, habits and beliefs.

(a) dance drama

(b) traditional dance

(c) pure dance


13. Dance serves as _______________________.

(a) food

(b) job

(c) exercise


14. An example of traditional dance is _______________________.

(a) hip-hop

(b) bata

(c) disco


15. _______________________ is an example of a modern dance.

(a) Atilogu

(b) Eyo

(c) Hip-hop



16. Drama is derived from _______________________ word.

(a) Greek

(b) French

(c) Latin


17. The art of entertaining the audience with comic or tragic is called _______________________.

(a) dance

(b) drama

(c) exercise


18. _______________________ are drama which involve reading from a set of script or written materials.

(a) Non scripted drama

(b) Dance drama

(c) Scripted drama


19. Someone who entertains the audience is referred to as _______________________.

(a) dramatist

(b) theatre

(c) author


20. Comedy and _______________________ are forms of drama.

(a) artist

(b) composer

(c) tragedy


Section B – Theory 

Answer four questions from this section.


1a. Give three definitions of art.

1b. Write out the components of art.


2a. Write four uses of music.

2b.. Write two importance of team work.


3a. What is drama?

3b. Write three form of drama.


4a. Explain the term dance.

4b. list and explain the categories of dance.


5a. What is paper marche?

5b. Explain methods of production.



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