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Social Studies (Primary 4 5 6) Third Term Review

SOCIAL STUDIES Primary 4 Employment  Wages and Income Distribution  Communication  Forms of Accident  Factors Which Encourage Abuse of Drug Some Substances Abuse, Their Health and Socio – Economic Effects  Socio – Economic Effects of Drug Abuse – as in week 6 Characteristics of Drug Abusers, Their Treatment and Rehabilitation What can we do to prevent

Physical and Health Education (Primary 4 5 6) Third Term Review

Physical and Health Education Primary 4 Meaning of Martial Arts Importance of Martial Arts Wrestling Swimming Strokes Pathogens and Diseases Spread of diseases Ways by which Diseases are Spread Diseases Preventive Measures Diseases Preventive Measures Drug Use,Drug Misuse and Drug Abuse Different Between Drug Misuse and Drug Abuse,  Substances that are regarded AS Drug Revision and

Mathematics (Primary 4 5 6) Third Term Review

MATHEMATICS SMASE ASEI PDSI METHOD PRIMARY 4 Estimating Length and Comparing Measurements Weight – Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division  Time, Calendar and Date Areas of Rectangle and Square  Capacity – Addition and Substation  Capacity – Multiplication and Division  Plane Shapes – Triangles and Quadrilateral  Three Dimensional Shapes – Cube, Cuboid and Cylinder Pictogram and Mode

Cultural and Creative Art (Primary 4 5 6) Third Term Review

Cultural and Creative Art Primary 4 1 – 2 Introducing Values in Cultural and Creative Art – Meaning of Value Meaning of Value  Importance of Values in Art and Craft and Music in the Society 3 – 4 Introducing Values in Cultural and Creative Art – Methods of Inculcating Value Improvisation and Recycling Costume and

Computer Studies – Information Technology (Primary 4 5 6) Third Term Review

Information Technology Primary 4 Connecting Different Parts of Computer Systems  Booting the Computer Systems Steps for Booting Computer Systems  Booting a Computer Systems  Data  Information  Source of Information I Source of Information II as in week 7 Computer IPO System I  Computer IPO System II Computer IPO System III  Revision Examination Primary 5 Desktop and
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